THE ADVANTAGES OF Autocomplete-Optimization


With Autocomplete-Optimization marketing, you gain the ability to outmaneuver your competitors strategically. By optimizing the search box, you can seize a crucial advantage, proving that sometimes thinking "inside-the-box" yields the results you require.


Autocomplete-Optimization gets results

Until now, the path to genuine competitiveness required SEO efforts to secure a top spot on page 1 and paying for each click through a pay-per-click campaign. However, a new opportunity arises to surpass the competition, abolish pay-per-click expenses, and dominate the complete organic search results.

We call it search box optimization

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we utilize search box optimization to position your company name exactly where everyone's attention is focused—the search box. When people type in their search queries, your company will prominently appear in the auto-suggestions box of search engines. This creates an impression as if your business is being recommended by others or holds significant authority. Consequently, people will naturally lean towards selecting your company because, from their perspective, Google and Bing are actively suggesting it as a top choice.

Thinking "inside the box" with Search Box Optimization

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we strategically optimize the search box to position your company name in a prime location that attracts everyone's attention. We're referring to the search box, the very space where people enter their queries. As a result of our efforts, your company will prominently appear in the auto-suggestions, creating the impression that people are recommending your brand or recognizing it as a highly authoritative source. This natural prominence will incline people to choose your company over others. After all, when your customers see that Google and Bing are suggesting your business, why wouldn't they be inclined to pick you?

Take the whole page

You've established an impressive business. Allow us to place you directly in front of your customers.

You worked hard to build your business.

In today's competitive landscape, newer companies with less experience in your industry are surpassing you simply because they have a stronger online presence. However, being more tech-savvy doesn't necessarily equate to better customer service.

We've observed established companies with a 40-year history losing ground to newer online-dominant competitors. But the good news is that you now have the opportunity to reclaim your rightful position.

With Autocomplete-Optimization, you can regain your prominence by being prominently featured in front of every customer searching for your products or services. Your company name will be front and center, catching the attention of each person seeking what you offer. Embrace Autocomplete-Optimization and propel your company back into the top spot where it belongs.


Search engines point users in the right direction for their next destination.

America shops on the first page.

By being featured in the suggestion box of Google and Bing, your business can gain visibility when customers search for products or services you offer.

If you are not sure on the keyword to use, we will help

In most cases, you may already be aware of the keyword phrases that attract customers to your business. However, there are times when identifying the most optimal ones becomes challenging. That's where our expertise comes in to assist you. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to discover and determine the most effective keywords tailored to your industry.

We are committed to establishing a strong and enduring relationship with you. It all begins with ensuring that you employ keyword phrases capable of attracting new customers.

When you place an order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will thoroughly assess the keyword phrases you've submitted. If we identify any additional keyword phrases that we believe you should consider, we'll get in touch with you. Our approach to keyword research is based on the following factors:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword competitiveness
  • Pay-per-click bid costs
  • Searches related to buyers vs. researchers
  • Urgent need phrases